EROTRANS transport cargo express messaging and parcels


Express delivery service

From its experience, EROTRANS, S.L. has been able to devise an express delivery service specially suitable for those companies requiring an agile and dynamic transport service, both for parcels or short bulk goods. Altogether, independently of the activity sector, since it is directed to companies that often require a fast delivery service for short-distance sendings, although these messaging services aren’t absolutely limited to this kind of sendings, and can also be made at national and international level.

EROTRANS, S.A apart of a remarkable flexibility in this kind of so demanding transport offers really competitive prices all of them guaranteed by professionalism of the company staff.

In express delivery services a perfect administrative coordination among good-delivering company departments is fundamental, since without this essential condition, it’s impossible to accomplish the agreed delivering terms.

National express messaging service

EROTRANS, S.A is completely aware of the importance of rigour in this kind of services, so the company assumes a total punctuality engagement in all sendings allowing both the emitter and receiver companies to completely rely in the perfect development of entrusted works.

EROTRANS, S.A distributes deliveries principally in all the provinces and towns in Catalonia:

Barcelona, Tarragona, Lleida, Girona.

transport cargo messaging parcels
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