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EROTRANS, S.A., is a goods-delivering company, both express delivery, national sending of products, or international sendings, sited in Manresa (Bages).

From Erotrans facilities, a great deal of road transports are daily programmed, both in lorries and utility cars that deliver the goods in their destination, both at national level and international transport. EROTRANS, S.A., has vehicles specially adapted to transport clothes and other textile products, and so can offer the most suitable options to deliver these goods, and in consequence, also the highest guarantees to avoid damages during the good-delivering.

EROTRANS, S.A. is present in all Catalan and Spanish geography, and also abroad, mainly in France, Italy, Germany, Belgium and Holland in the EU.

The dedication of EROTRANS, S.A. staff, makes possible a constant and efficient attention to each delivering, and also the particularities related to the delivering needs.  This attention through the years, has allowed the company to increase the number of satisfied customers, and also the daily destinations and services that are offered, because in addition to delivering, a service of logistic and regulator warehouse can be offered.

goods-delivering express messaging

Among the facilities that EROTRANS S.A. has in Manresa (Barcelona) the warehouse, used as a logistic platform for customers stands out. The equipment dimensions, and also the fact of having loading jacks, turns this place into an ideal logistic warehouse for product storing.

With more than 32 years of experience in the good-delivering sector, we can guarantee the highest efficiency and punctuality in contracted services.
transport cargo messaging parcels
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