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EROTRANS, S.A., was created in 1990 by the hand of its founder and current manager Eugeni Rovira Segués who, had already more than 16 years of experience in the transport sector.

It was created as a familiar company devoted to short bulk good-delivering. Through the years and the constant enlargement of customers portfolio thanks to the human treatment received from EROTRANS, S.A., the vehicle fleet of the company increased progressively, having nowadays more than 10 vehicles (within different tonnage lorries and messaging utility cars), that allows it to give a suitable response to all transport needs.

Some of these vehicles have been adapted with precision depending on the concrete needs of the textile sector, specially to transport garments, which nowadays represents a great bulk in the company affair figures. However, all vehicles from the company are suitable to transport nearly every kind of goods.

History of the transport company Erotrans

In the fact of facilities, EROTRANS, S.A., was born in Sant Joan de Vilatorrada and, along the years and the increase of needs both from administration and having a suitable logistic warehouse both for nowadays and future requirements, made the search of a new head office essential. This need was completely solved when we moved to new facilities in the industrial park of Bufalvent in Manresa, (the most logistically suitable area both for communication and access) in 1990. This change of head office let the company offer new service options to the customer and also the incorporation of a logistic warehouse, being able from that moment to perform as a regulation warehouse, since from these facilities we can store products and deliver them faster when they are necessary, being able to free the dependence of goods enterprises which take up necessary space for other purposes.

The 32 years of experience that EROTRANS, S.A. provides, lets us offer response to all kind of good-delivering needs as specific as they can be.
transport cargo messaging parcels
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